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German Efficiency Training

I personally assist my clients to achieve the level of fitness they are looking for.

After the initial in-person fitness assessment, I normally design a training routine that fits my client’s schedule, personality, and current fitness level.

Instead of requiring long-term commitment, I focus on making every session count with German Efficiency Training at high effectiveness.
Thereby saving valuable invested time and effort.

In-person training sessions are typically located at a gym facility in Marina Del Rey.



Online Training

For anyone preferring online coaching and for clients located outside of Los Angeles, I offer online training sessions.

I will help you evaluate your current routine and recommend improvements.
Continuous sessions include guiding you on your fitness progress, and keeping you motivated throughout your fitness journey.

Interested clients receive an exercise- and current routine-analysis in written- or video-form.
All replies are directly authored by me personally.

As a free service, I upload online workout videos to YouTube and Facebook. I apply the same German Efficiency Training principles to all of my online fitness videos.



Engaging New Audiences

One of my primary desires is for anyone to do something positive for their health and fitness in their day-to-day.
No matter how small the step.

As a person that has hobbies outside of working out, I attempt to spend as little time as possible working out, so as to have more time for the other things I enjoy doing.

In order to spread the German Efficiency Training approach to fitness with audiences that typically do not work out, I frequently live stream video games while discussing health and fitness topics.
In addition I give speeches directed at non-fitness communities.

I currently do not charge a speaking fee for this service.


Personal Training Testimonials

I could not do what I do without the people that trust in my work. These are the real backgrounds and testimonials of some of the people I train.



  • Cooper W.
  • Personal Training with Sean has changed my life.
  • Before meeting Sean, I was 250 lbs, about 60 lbs overweight and extremely self-conscious.*
    Through my time with Sean I have not only learned so much about proper form, routine, and exercise, but I have learned to love the gym.



  • Brandon Jones
  • A program that adapts with our lifestyle


  • Jon M.
  • 50+ years with more balance and power


  • Jesse A.
  • Effective training with a busy work schedule

* Your results may vary. Testimonials and examples used are exceptional results and are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or assure that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

Sean Clinton

German Efficiency Training by design

Sean is a lifelong gaming enthusiast, born and raised in the city of Berlin, Germany.

He enjoys the mental benefits to being fit and focuses his efforts to improving his health with minimal time investment. Sean figured out that when training with better efficiency he has more time for the things he enjoys outside of the gym.
What started as an initial time-saving approach to fitness has become his mantra over the years. Sean believes that few people need to work out more, rather many people need to work out more efficiently for better results with less time and effort. That is German Efficiency Training.

Besides this, one of his major motivations for offering his trainer services are rooted in his personal relation to health diseases.
Briefly explained: After Sean’s mother passed away of breast cancer when he was 7, and his father passed away of a rare heart disease when Sean was 12 years old, he understood that while there are many risk factors for illness, and heart disease, defeating risk factors specific to poor physical fitness is the easiest to accomplish.

Read more about Sean’s motivation to work towards the physique he has been maintaining for several years now on the “About Me” page.