Sean Clinton

A trainer with a story

I was always the skinny but muscular guy, until I acquired the science-based knowledge needed to redesign my routine to achieve a lean, muscular, fitness-model physique.

In elementary school my classmates would comment on me having bigger biceps than the average 10-year-old. I got the reputation that I was only muscular because I had great genetics, and was skinny. As an adult this same kind of misconception has led to me being accused several times of using anabolic steroids.

Little did anyone know about my personal motivation as a kid to one day be stronger than my big brother, who I always looked up to.

Little did anyone know that because of losing my mother when I was seven, I always felt the necessity to become an adult as quickly as possible.

Little did anyone know that because of losing my dad when I was twelve, I always wanted to look trained like he did just before he got sick.

Because of these thoughts, I started lifting weights when I was still a child. Much earlier than anyone I knew at the time. But even though I was stronger and more muscular than my friends, I always wished I could just have a normal childhood. I would have traded all that muscle to have a normal life, in no-time.

Inevitably, without proper training knowledge to guide me, by the time I hit my late teens I got exposed to so much “BroScience” and bad advice that I ended up tearing multiple muscles in my legs and rotator cuffs.
In the simplest sense – I became the victim of overtraining.

In my late twenties I educated myself with the know-how to design science-based, effective, and efficient workout routines.
By applying all scientifically effective principals of training, I was finally able to achieve the lean, muscular, fitness-model physique you are seeing today.

My Services




My Mission

Great looks, great health, not a single minute of wasted time and effort.


My Approach

I want my clients to train only as much as they are able to comfortably stick to their program.

I set them on the path to reaching better health and fitness.
Some reach it faster, for some it takes longer, but everyone will get there on a direct path that is right for them.


My Hurdle

Some might think Sean Clinton is too muscular, and because of that he cannot teach anything but being muscular.
Some might think you need to train most days of the week, and so assume that training less is a waste of time.

I faced the challenge of overcoming cliché all my life.

Any of these hurdles will not stop us from achieving the success we deserve.