Personal Training Services

Routine Design, Tracking, and Motivation specific to you

Tell me what you envision your fitness level should be like and I guide you towards getting there.

After your first in-person fitness assessment, I will recommend areas you can improve in and give you some fundamental tips to getting there.

Should you decide you want to take full advantage of my unique German Efficiency Training services, I will design a training routine that fits with your schedule, personality, and current fitness level so we can get started right away.

Instead of requiring long-term commitment, I focus on making every session as effective and efficient as possible. Therefor you will be saving valuable time, cost, and effort invested.

Over the course of every session I will be responsible to track and optimize your performance, so all you need to do is focusing on working out.

In-person training sessions are typically located at a gym facility located in Marina del Rey, CA.


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Tip: Besides traditional payment methods, I also accept Litecoin, Vertcoin, and Bitcoin as payment for any of my services. 


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Online Training Services

Be confident that the way you train is effective and efficient

If you prefer online coaching or are located outside of Los Angeles, California,  you should look into one of my online training options.


Online Workout Videos

Don’t have a plan yet, just want to get started, or need to brush up on the fundamentals?

I upload workout,  gaming, and fun videos to

We can get fit together while you learn about the fundamentals to building muscle, and more.

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Online Coaching

You want me to design your routine,  digitally check-in on your progress, and keep you motivated throughout your fitness journey?

Book online sessions with me!
Continuous sessions include guiding you on your fitness progress, and keeping you motivated throughout your fitness journey.

Interested clients receive an exercise- and current routine-analysis in written- or video-form.
All replies are directly authored by me personally.

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Engaging New Audiences

 Every step matters

One of my primary desires is for anyone to do something positive for their health and fitness in their day-to-day.

No matter how small the step.

As a person that has hobbies outside of working out, I attempt to spend as little time as possible in training myself, so as to have more time for the other things I enjoy doing.

In order to spread this approach to fitness with audiences that typically do not work out, I frequently live stream video games while discussing health topics, and give speeches directed towards non-fitness communities.

I currently do not charge a speaking fee.

Contact me if you think I can help engage your audience into becoming more active.

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