Cooper W. Fitness Testimonial

Young, transformed, and doing it right

Personal Training with Sean has changed my life.

Before meeting Sean, I was 250 lbs, about 60 lbs overweight and extremely self-conscious.*

Through my time with Sean I have not only learned so much about proper form, routine, and exercise, but I have learned to love the gym.

Previously, I thought of working out as something to dread, but through Sean’s positive energy and superb instruction I felt and continue to feel motivated to better myself and my physique.
It is an amazing feeling to see results and see your body change and I can’t thank Sean enough for the huge impact he has had on me.

I have tried trainers and other programs before but could never actually stick with one until now.
Sean genuinely cares about everyone he trains and you can tell that he enjoys helping people become the best version of themselves they can be.

What I love about Sean’s program is that it is 100% real.
There is no filler or fluff, it is a program that is based on research and it really does work.*

I look forward to continuing my training and would highly recommend one of Sean’s training programs to anyone and everyone.


Brandon Jones Fitness Testimonial

A program that adapts with our lifestyle

From day one, Sean has been focused on reaching my own goals, and
that’s what got me hooked on training.

As my lifestyle changes, whether it’s training for a marathon or a week-long media convention, the program changes with it.

Sean has turned the concept of personal training from something that exhausted me to just think about, to something I can’t imagine not having in my life.

The key is Sean’s personality: fun yet focused, while not being over-bearing.

It’s easy to trust him, because the results don’t take long to notice and are
impossible to ignore.

Since working with Sean I look and feel better, and that’s after meeting him for just 2 hours a week.



Jon M. Fitness Testimonial

 50+ years with more balance and power

I started with Sean one year ago, training 3 times a week.
Now we have adjusted my workouts to twice a week, one of which I do with Sean, the other on my own.

With Sean I train legs and back – in what he calls “posterior chain training”
These used to be my least favorite exercises.
Not anymore though.

I am 53 now, and Sean has improved my squat weight back to my old time high (300 lbs), which I last did when I was 30. I am sure we will go higher in the coming year.*

Before meeting Sean, I never even thought I would do squats again, feeling they posed too much of a risk.
We didn’t start out doing squats right away, but 6 months in, he added them.
I was ready, and we never rushed to get into heavy weights.
It seemed the opposite, but here we are, and I am happy.

The added strength has increased my golf driver swing speed by 7-8 mph (to 112!), which is 20 yards more of carry. Boom!
And I am not doing yoga or extra stretching or any of that. Just doing my two workouts.   

Sean knows exactly what it takes to get your body to respond.
I had thought I already knew it all. I had worked out for decades and read a lot of books, had many trainers. “Not much they could teach me,” I thought.
And I thought I had a decent routine before.  I was certainly healthy and fit for my age, but was certainly not turning back the clock.
Now it seems that I have.

Sean picks the exercises and the weight levels, not me.
Many times when I have thought I could handle more weight. In the old days, I would just put that extra weight on the bar, and given it my all. Sacrificing good form for the extra repetitions.

With Sean, I had trust that he knew a lot more than me. And now I am moving bigger weights than I imagined for my age, and I finish the set with no breakdown in form and usually with the distinct feeling that I have a bit more in me.
That’s a very special feeling.

Sean quickly finds out what your body is already good at, and identifies your weak points.  Then he tailors the program to you.
For me, that made all the difference.  Because I am busy, and I don’t love working out.  That is putting it mildly actually. I want it very efficient.
With Sean, he tailored my program to precisely target my personal weak areas, and he also tailored it to my lifestyle. Bang, done again! I just won’t do it otherwise.

I am really not sure if there is anyone out there that is working out as little time as me, and getting the results I am getting. I would like to say I feel like I am 30 again, but my body was been never this balanced and powerful when I was 30.*


Jesse A. Testimonial

 Effective training with a busy work schedule

Sean just gets it.

He understands what I am trying to accomplish and pushes just the right amount. It’s about fitting the workout into my life.

Getting stronger and healthier doesn’t happen over night and he doesn’t sell you a false bill of goods.

I can’t recommend his training enough. Very happy with the results and how he balances education with encouragement and motivation.


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